Managed Security Intelligence Service


Managed Security Intelligence Service

Being conscious that security is not just an issue with technology, we depend on technical and human intelligence to improve data and alerts shared with our clients.

Managed Intelligent Security Service (MSIS) employs artificial intelligence-based detection systems and involves Managed Firewall, Anti-Spam, Access control, Anti-Virus, Intrusion Detection, Virtual Private Network, and Vulnerability Scanning services, among others. Our Security Operation Center offers 24/7 security services intended to decrease the amount of IT security resources our customers need to employ and retain an acceptable cybersecurity standard.


AI based detection systems to protect you from various threats

1. Preparation

Infrastructure appraisal source of the events/logs Operational preparation.

2. Threats Mapping

Content development by Providing a threat model. Analysis of the attack vector and definition of the appropriate security controls.

3. Intelligent Correlation & Investigation

Threat Intelligence and Security analysis to correct security events.

4. Resolution

Ultimate resolve of any security event, accompanied by customer comment and a comprehensive operational reporting.

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