Industry Solutions

This service provides a security solution per industry, for example, security solution customized specifically to regulations, standards & specification to an industry.

T-SCOP has expertise in the following industries:

  • Parking & Fare Collection Systems
  • Health consultancy
  • Sensing and imaging




Ensuring your data security with our cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions

Advanced and Automated Detection of Threats

Cyber threats became more complicated and pronounced over time. Many organizations in their networks are now facing series of attacks. Property rights and client information theft or encoding of critical data are the target of these attacks.

They’re very distinct from the conventional cyber-attacks because they’re intended to penetrate the normal defenses that businesses have in place.

As a consequence, opting for cybersecurity facilities like T-SCOP that incorporate sophisticated AI and solid algorithms that span the entire surface of the attack and functions efficiently is paramount.



Threat Detection & Remediation

 T-SCOP allows you to set up a scheme for threat detection and remediation that allows real-time incident verification, alerting and instruction for remediation. Our schemes of threat identification and remediation are more assertive than reactive, rendering it much difficult for cyber criminals to have access.

We use machine learning mechanisms based on the cloud to detect, evaluate and manage sophisticated and complicated threats in real time. Our customers end up cutting their time to recognize and remedy situations quite seamlessly.

We also assist safeguard your company by combining network intrusion detection (IDS), flaw management, log management, and firewall security for cloud, hybrid and on-site environments. Compliances & Maintenance


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