La Cyber Academy T-SCOP

T-SCOP trainers are among the best professional trainers and experts in information security who are not only trainers but also practitioners, perform periodic incident response and document digital forensic cases. All our professional classes are taught at multiple levels, so we can tailor training courses to your organization’s requirements.

We ensure that you will experience the proven and industry recognized way to protect your organization from cyber threats when you train with us. The T-SCOP curriculum’s deep experience will guarantee that data is fully accepted and infused on a very basic level.

Based on accessibility, we ensure that you will always be able to refresh your curriculum at no additional price to any course you have attended.

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Certification et cours

The pinnacle of all cybersecurity planning is to prevent information leakage and protect the reputation of your company. Education is the key to increase awareness and greatly reduce these incidents, especially human error-based ones.

Enroll in any of our courses and get properly certified to provide sufficient services to your company.

Fonctionnalités disponibles

  • Online platform accessible 24*7 via web or mobile applications
  • Courses in different formats: video, slides and pdf
  • Real-world situations with instructor-led demonstrations and visual presentations
  • provides the advantage of hands-on practice with the flexibility
  • Practice examinations to prepare you for examinations
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