Facing a security incident ?

Give your business the highest protection cover comparable to anyone in the world


T-SCOP surely has your back. We come after threats in every unit of your company network, email, data integrity, endpoint and cloud. Treating every cyberattack uniquely, our experienced team of experts ensures to provide the needed defense mechanism for your valuable data.

Providing Cyber Security, Have full control with multilayered security controls helping to detect, prevent threats and using efficient forensic technology, providing a good shield to your critical data where it resides.

Cyber Security Give adequate cover to your customers, users and partners. Safeguard their vital information and critical applications.

What we do ?

T-SCOP highly efficient and integrated products offer users unmatched protection and adequate insights to eliminate risk to the minimal and lower costs across your whole establishment.


We spot integrity problems in your infrastructure and design a solid strategy to enhance your security. Our reliable and certified professional experts can assist you to develop formidable security in accordance with regulations and security standards similar to ISO 27001 or GDPR.


Overcome data integrity issues and recover compound security data breach and carry out in-depth digital forensic investigation. We make sure to be prompt in attending to your needs to cut down on recovery cost, time and positively considering your reputation.


Managed Security Intelligence Services: We make available proactive security engineering and intelligent threat detection all round the year 24/7 in the cloud or on promise.

Hardening Critical Systems

Many organizations and companies have critical IT systems that when compromised has integrity problems; the business suffers high risk issues. Trust us to evaluate and resolve risks connected to your business’ critical systems.

Vulnerabilities Immune System

Have many applications but very little time to track the vulnerabilities, with T-SCOP Vulnerability Immune System, security vulnerabilities are monitored, detected, reported in real time. It empowers the context and high priority actions, ensuring you are able to easily handle security risk exposures.


We put in place a human firewall in your organization. Using our e-learning platform, your employees are exposed to detailed content to adequately educate them on what to do and not to.

Our Offices

T-SCOP is currently operating from two offices. It will expand its business to all over in Europe

Our Customers

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